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MZKX vacuum phase change boiler performance and characteristics


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Outline: Vacuum boiler is a kind of heat exchange equipment that relies on boiling evaporation and condensation heat transfer of heat medium to heat water supply.

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Performance characteristics of MZKX ultra-low nitrogen condensing gas-fired vacuum boiler

Vacuum boiler is a kind of heat exchange equipment that relies on boiling evaporation and condensation heat transfer of heat medium to heat water supply.Water has different boiling points at different pressures.The boiling point of water at atmospheric pressure is 100℃,while the boiling point of water at 7mmHg pressure is only 5℃.The working pressure range of vacuum boiler is 200mmHg-500 mmHg,and the corresponding outlet water temperature is 66-90℃.Vacuum boiler consists of evaporation heat exchanger and condensation heat exchanger.The evaporative heat exchanger is equipped with a boiler combustion chamber and a convective heating surface.The heat released by fuel combustion makes the heat medium produce saturated steam under corresponding pressure.The steam rises to the condensing section and condenses in the condenser to release the latent heat of vaporization,transfer the heat to the hot water supplied in the heat exchanger,and heat the water to a certain temperature before sending it to the heat user.The condensed water returns to the evaporation heat exchanger for evaporation and vaporization.

Safe and reliable:vacuum boiler always operates under negative pressure,without explosion risk,and operates stably,with remarkable characteristics that atmospheric pressure and pressure boiler cannot match.

High efficiency:the boiler is structurally large,with large radiant and convective heating surfaces and high heat transfer efficiency.The overall thermal insulation of the unit and lower exhaust gas temperature greatly improve the boiler efficiency and reduce the operating costs of users.

Energy saving:the boiler is equipped with a steam-water phase change heat exchanger,which has no loss in heat transfer,high efficiency and reduced power consumption.

Long service life:indirect heating method produces hot water,hot water and heat medium water are independent,which avoids scaling in the unit body(heat medium water side),and the vacuum oxygen-free environment in the furnace eliminates oxygen corrosion in the furnace,thus extending the service life of the boiler.

Multi-purpose:It can provide multiple hot water of different temperatures at the same time to meet the needs of users for central air conditioning,heating,sanitary hot water,swimming pool,hotels and other hot water supply.

The setting places are diverse:the setting places can be basement,ground,middle of floors and roof,which greatly saves construction land.

No qualification review is required:the boiler does not fall within the scope of"Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Regulations",and strict qualification review is not required.

Automatic temperature control:the hot water outlet temperature can be freely set within the range of≤90℃,and the microcomputer can automatically adjust the energy according to the heat load to control the hot water temperature in the Zui optimized state.

Simple system design:the hot water is indirectly heated by the heat medium water through the heat exchanger,and directly supplied to the user can reduce the system heat exchanger and other components,making the system design simpler.








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