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Condensing integrated steam boiler/hot water boiler


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Outline: The condensing boiler has received more research and application in the western developed countries since it was invented by the Dutch in 1979.

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The condensing boiler has received more research and application in the western developed countries since it was invented by the Dutch in 1979. This series uses the flue gas condensation technology to absorb and utilize the sensible heat in the flue gas and the latent heat of vaporization released during the condensation process of water vapor. The energy-saving effect is remarkable and the thermal efficiency is more than. In traditional boilers, the exhaust gas temperature is generally 160~250C, and the water vapor in the flue gas is still in an overheated state. It is impossible to condense into liquid water and release the latent heat of vaporization. The condensing gas-fired boiler uses an efficient condensing waste heat recovery device to absorb the sensible heat and the latent heat released by the condensation of water vapor in the exhaust gas at the tail of the boiler. It reduces the exhaust gas temperature to 50~70 ℃, fully recovers the sensible heat and the condensation latent heat of water vapor in the flue gas, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The thermal efficiency of the condensing boiler is calculated according to the low calorific value. Its initial thermal efficiency reaches 95%~96%. With about 5% of the latent heat generated by the condensation release (40%~50% of the latent heat of steam gasification is fully utilized), the condensing boiler can increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler to greater than.




Condensation system design

The design criterion of condensing boiler is to control the flue gas temperature below the water dew point temperature.Steam boiler condensing system

The feed water temperature is 20℃.The feed water enters the boiler after being preheated by the condenser,and is connected in series with the boiler;The feedwater temperature reaches 104℃(low level thermal deaeration is adopted),and the condenser is designed as an independent system to exchange heat with the soft water(20℃)not entering the deaerator to achieve the purpose of flue gas condensation.

Condenser structural material

The product of fuel combustion contains SO2,NOx and other harmful substances,which are dissolved in the flue gas to make the condensate water more acidic.Therefore,the condensing waste heat recovery device must use corrosion-resistant materials.The condenser tube of our company is made of special steel specially designed for"sulfuric acid low temperature dew point corrosion resistance",with excellent acid corrosion resistance and chloride ion corrosion resistance.The steel plate surface of condenser flue in contact with flue gas shall be sprayed with corrosion-resistant asphalt paint.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

Boiler emissions mainly include COx,NOx,SOx,etc.NOx and SOx can form acid rain;CO2 can form room temperature effect.Therefore,it is very important to control the emission of atmospheric pollutants from boilers.On the one hand,because of its high efficiency,the fuel consumption is reduced,and the pollutant emissions are also reduced.On the other hand,condensed water can absorb some COx,NOx,SOx,and can easily remove these harmful substances in the flue gas,which greatly reduces the emission of pollutants.Therefore,the use of condensing boiler is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Structural characteristics of boiler body

The overall arrangement of WNS-L condensing series boiler adopts condensing full wet back structure,which completely solves the problems of difficult sealing and overheating of the smoke chamber,improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler,reduces the heat dissipation on the surface of the furnace body,saves a lot of maintenance work,and ensures safe and reliable operation.

The corrugated furnace liner can effectively increase the radiant heating area,enhance the turbulent heat transfer performance of high-temperature flue gas,greatly reduce the flue gas temperature at the furnace outlet,and eliminate the problem of boiler life reduction caused by excessive thermal stress in the furnace liner.

Large-diameter full-corrugated furnace,full-corrugated smoke chamber,large combustion space,ensuring full combustion of fuel,conducive to absorption of thermal expansion.Improve flexibility,reduce thermal stress,extend boiler service life,generate turbulence on high-temperature flame,strengthen heat transfer,increase heating area and improve boiler efficiency.

The use of threaded smoke tubes or the installation of a turbulence device with high heat transfer performance in the smoke tubes can greatly enhance the disturbance of the laminar boundary layer of smoke in the tubes.The heat transfer coefficient is 1.5-2 times higher than the traditional smooth smoke tubes,which can achieve excellent heat transfer effect,save a lot of fuel and effectively reduce the operating cost.

The condenser has countercurrent layout structure,large heat exchange temperature difference and good heat transfer performance.The material is made of special steel with low dew point corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid,which has good corrosion resistance to condensed water and greatly improves the service life.

Equipped with Europe The burner can reduce NOX emission to a low limit among similar boilers,with low noise,and all environmental indicators meet the national environmental protection standards.The burner is adopted,with flame detection and automatic purging function,micro-positive pressure combustion,complete combustion,high thermal efficiency,pollution-free,low noise,safe and efficient,and all environmental indicators meet national standards,which can be installed and used in Class I scenic spots.The comprehensive safety interlock protection function ensures the safe and efficient operation of the boiler.




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