Working principle of biomass steam generator

Release time:2023-03-14

Because biomass steam generator is different from conventional steam generator, many users do not know the working principle of biomass steam generator. Here we will introduce the principle and application effect of biomass steam generator.


Working principle of biomass steam generator:biomass fuel is evenly laid on the grate from the charging port or the upper part.After ignition,open the induced draft fan,volatile fuel is separated out,and the flame is burned down.It is relatively dry in an area where the smoldering and hanging grate are rapidly developing,creating conditions for continuous and stable ignition.Fuel particles smaller than the grate gap and volatile burned but not burned hot,fall while burning under the action of the induced draft fan and gravity,Continue to fall on the high temperature suspended grate,stay for a moment,and then fall under the grate.Incomplete fuel particles burn.The burnt ash enters the ash removal device of the hopper from the grate.When it is deposited to a certain height,open the water outlet gate.In the process of fuel falling,a certain amount of oxygen is added to the secondary air distribution outlet for suspension combustion,and the oxygen provided by the third air distribution outlet is used to support the grate combustion.After complete combustion,the flue gas enters the convection heating surface through the flue gas outlet.When large particles of dust pass up through the baffle,they are thrown into the ash hopper by inertia,and most of small particles of dust fall into the ash hopper through the baffle net.Only some very fine particles enter the convective heating surface,which greatly reduces the accumulation of volcanic ash on the convective heating surface and improves the heat transfer effect.

What is the principle of biomass steam generator?In brief,it is the process of converting water into steam by using the heat of electricity or other fuels.The working principle of steam generators with different fuels is roughly the same.

1.During the operation of the electric heating steam generator,the float ball or probe feedback controls the opening and closing of the water pump,the water supply and heating time of the furnace,and the steam pressure is set by the pressure relay.With the continuous output of steam,the water level in the furnace is falling.When the water level is low,the water pump automatically replenishes water,and when the water level is high,the water pump stops.At the same time,the electronic tubes in the electric furnace continue to heat to generate steam.

2.The working principle of oil-fired(gas-fired)steam generator is basically the same as the above.The water meeting the requirements is pumped into the equipment by high-pressure pump,and the burner generates flame to heat the water into steam and output it.In addition,some gas-fired steam generators also have energy-saving devices to recover the waste heat of flue gas for initial water heating and save energy consumption.

3.The biomass steam generator is mainly used to ignite the biomass particles put into it through the ignition rod,and the combustion flame heats the water into steam.The whole process is relatively simple.


Biomass steam generator is mainly composed of water supply system,automatic control system,boiler room,heating system and safety system.All parts interact with each other and are indispensable.The failure of any part will cause the equipment to not work normally.

The above is a brief introduction to the working principle of the biomass steam generator.The signal indicator of the steam generator corresponds to each component one by one,and the whole operation process can be automatically displayed through the indicator.

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