Introduction to Biomass Steam Generator

Release time:2023-03-14

Characteristics of biomass steam generator:

1.Stable steam output

There is a large space for storing steam in the evaporator furnace.

2.Low exhaust temperature

Low exhaust temperature,low heat loss and high efficiency.

3.Humanized appearance design

Integrated design,small floor area and convenient operation.

4.Rapid delivery

The complete machine is modular and small in size

Biomass steam generator is a kind of equipment that uses wood particles as fuel to generate steam.Its specific configuration and characteristics are as follows:

1.The furnace body is a three-layer fire pipe structure,which has a longer service life and lower maintenance cost than the ordinary water pipe structure.

2.It is equipped with an automatic combustion machine with high degree of automation,which can automatically blow according to the instructions of the controller,automatically ignite electronically,automatically burn,and automatically adjust the proportion of air and oil(gas),with stable performance and good combustion effect.And flameout protection device.

3.The microcomputer LCD control system is configured,which can be operated with one button.Only water and electricity installation is required.Press the open button,and the generator will enter the automatic operation state without furnace personnel.

4.This product is equipped with a pressure controller with multiple protections such as limit pressure,low water level,overheat protection,etc.

5.Steam output and steam saturation have been strictly tested.

6.The product is delivered as a complete machine and has been equipped with water pump,solenoid valve and one-way valve.It only needs to connect the power supply,steam pipe,water inlet pipe and sewage pipe,saving installation cost and a large amount of installation materials.

7.Fast delivery and small volume.Steam boilers within one ton can replace biomass steam generators.

Applicable scope of biomass steam generator:

Ironing and washing industry:dry cleaner,dryer,washing machine,dehydrator,ironing machine,iron and other equipment are used together.

Electroplating surface treatment industry:electroplating bath,cleaning machine,cleaning tank liquid heating constant temperature.

Food processing industry:bean curd machine,Rice noodles machine,cold skin machine,steamer,packaging machine,painting equipment,motor and other equipment.

Five advantages of biomass steam generator

1.Green energy and clean environmental protection:It is smokeless and tasteless,clean and environmentally friendly.Its sulfur content,ash content and nitrogen content are far lower than coal,oil,etc.It is an environmentally friendly clean energy,enjoying the reputation of"green coal".

2.Low cost and high added value:biomass briquette has high calorific value,and its use cost is far lower than petroleum energy.It is a clean energy that is vigorously advocated by the country to replace oil and has broad market space.

3.High density and convenient storage and transportation:the fuel is small in size,large in proportion and high in density after molding,which is convenient for processing,conversion,storage,transportation and continuous use.

4.Energy saving:high volatile content,high carbon activity,ash content is only 1/20 of coal,low ash heat,and combustion rate can reach more than 98%.

5.Wide scope of application and strong applicability:shaped fuel can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production,power generation,heating,boiler,cooking,and is applicable to units and families.

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