What industries are biomass steam generators used in?

Release time:2023-03-14

What are the different industries in which biomass steam generators are widely studied and applied?What are the advantages?Let's talk about it.

Biomass steam generators are widely used in various steam use industries,such as washing industry(dry cleaner,dryer,iron,dryer,etc.),packaging,labeling machine,sealing machine,etc.),biochemical industry(fermentation tank,reactor,mixer,emulsifier,etc.),food industry(soybean processing,beverage factory,steam box,paint,etc.),automobile,oil field,hotel,school,dormitory,mixing station,cement factory,electric pole,railway,beauty Boiling water,etc.

What are the different industries in which biomass steam generators are widely studied and applied?

Biomass steam generator is usually a vertical boiler product with high thermal efficiency and steam quality.The three-cycle design structure can fully improve the heating area of the boiler,and can generate steam in a short time,with high steam and long service life.

Biomass steam generator is a small steam boiler,which uses biomass pellet fuel and can also burn wood and coal.It is characterized by small size,beautiful appearance,no land occupation,convenient transportation and installation,small water volume,generally no more than 30 liters,not belonging to pressure vessels,low pressure,in use,no need for filing and acceptance,and no need for annual inspection.

Biomass steam generator fuel

Biomass steam generator can use fuel as a research and development renewable energy.Biomass fuel is not only available everywhere,but also has the role of environmental protection in China.

According to the relevant analysis and test,the gas yield of biomass steam through the generator is 1.3g/m3.The content of nitrogen and other gas components is 80mg,which is in line with social norms and environmental protection.

The ash from straw burning can be used for fertilizer.The ash contains rich nitrogen and is suitable for crop growth.In addition,collecting can beautify the environment.Generally,grass and straw are burned and deteriorated,which is very unreasonable.It can be collected as fuel.

The biomass and particles used in the steam generator of biomass belong to the renewable green development power in China,and have a wide history,mainly including crop straw,sawdust,bark and other by-products produced in the production process of agricultural enterprises.Biomass pellet steam generator is more economical than fuel oil,gas,electric heating and other boilers,and plays an important role in boiler environmental protection.With the development of biomass steam generator application and research fields,its reputation and product service quality have been increasingly improved and recognized by the market.

Biomass steam generator technology

With good combustion technology,biomass enters the grate from the furnace door for combustion,and the high-temperature flue gas in the furnace is washed out through the horizontal pipe.When the flue gas is burned,the heat energy is fully absorbed and utilized through the secondary full combustion technology of high temperature,flue gas and soot,and discharged into the atmosphere,which is smokeless,environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

Fast steam delivery,energy conservation and green environmental protection:biomass steam generator steam delivery in 7 minutes,gas steam delivery in 3 minutes,which is 10 times faster than the start-up and development speed of normal working steam boiler system,saving enterprise fuel and supporting dust collector,which can achieve the effect of no black smoke.


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