Introduction of biomass steam generator?

Release time:2023-03-14

The development prospect of the biomass steam generator industry is very good,because it brings many benefits to the enterprise when it is used,so it is favored by customers.In order to make you more familiar with the biomass steam generator,let's talk about the small knowledge related to it,hoping to help more people.

Biomass steam generator is mainly composed of feed box,feed mechanism and furnace body with combustion chamber.The middle part of the furnace body is equipped with a combustion chamber with a grate at the lower part,and the upper part of the combustion chamber is equipped with a combustion chamber.The combustion chamber and smoke storage chamber are connected with the smoke storage chamber which is separated by the thermal insulation layer and used to recover the heat energy of the flue gas.A sandwich water jacket is set around it,and the smoke exhaust pipe is connected to the upper side wall of the combustion chamber.From the middle of the interlayer water jacket downward,it is connected with the flue gas chamber set in the inlet chamber at the bottom of the furnace body,and the other side of the flue gas chamber returns to the interlayer water intermediate jacket,and then upward connects to the storage tank at the upper part of the combustion chamber.Biomass steam generator in smoke chamber;The air inlet chamber at the bottom of the furnace body is connected with the external fan through the air inlet on the outer wall.The side wall above the grate of the combustion chamber is provided with a feeding port and a ignition port.The feeding port is connected with the feeding mechanism at the lower part of the charging box through an inclined tube;It has the characteristics of reasonable and compact structure,convenient and reliable use,safety,high thermal efficiency,environmental protection and energy conservation.

The biomass steam generator has the safety of multiple protection equipment,which can be said to be completely free from worry.It is also for the sake of safety that a lot of efforts have been made in the safety of the equipment.Speaking of safety,the next thing we need to consider is the power of the biomass steam generator we need.Because the number of products we need to produce or manufacture is different,we need to consider whether the steam volume is enough,because the power of the steam generator will determine the amount of steam particles produced by the biomass steam generator per unit time.If the power is too large,it is too wasteful.If the power is too small,it will not meet our requirements,so we need to select the steam generator with appropriate power.This problem is relatively easy to solve.We only need to invite professional customer service personnel from biomass steam generator manufacturers to solve these problems.The third problem is cost,because there are many kinds of fuel for steam generator.For example,biomass steam generators are divided into electric steam generators,gas steam generators and fuel steam generators.There are many kinds.Considering the different prices and costs in different regions,it is convenient for you to choose cheaper equipment.For example,the electricity cost in Xinjiang is relatively cheap.Of course,we choose electric heating steam generator.Natural gas is relatively cheap in some areas.So we can choose the more economical price of biomass steam generator according to different conditions.

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