How does biomass steam generator work?

Release time:2023-03-14

Things like biomass steam generators are basically products used in the industrial field.Most of us have never seen or heard of them.You can say that they are not very common in life,but they also play an irreplaceable role in the industrial industry.So we should first understand the working principle of biomass steam generators in use,and then follow us to understand.

The operation of biomass steam generator adopts the principle of blood circulation to control the continuous pressure technology,logic operation and digital chip control and regulation to meet the requirements of boiler steam pressure and users'use of high-quality steam.For gas-fired heating boilers with low nitrogen transformation,the construction schedule shall be scientifically arranged,and the commissioning and acceptance time shall be reserved to ensure the normal operation in the heating season.In terms of flue gas,the boiler effectively sends its blower to the air preheater to heat it to a certain temperature,and then grinds it into pulverized coal of a certain fineness in the coal mill,which is directly used when it is used.A part of the air preheater is sprayed into the furnace through the air carrier.The heat transfer oil furnace of the biomass steam generator needs to have sufficient strength and tightness when it is used,and cannot be damaged or leaked when it is used carefully.It is mainly to prevent fire.

The indirect analysis method of biomass steam generator is based on professional knowledge.On the premise of mastering the direct analysis method and being familiar with the equipment system,the accident or fault can be judged by logical reasoning.In order to find faults in time and make correct judgments,it is far from enough to master the direct analysis method only,because most faults or accidents often show one or several indirect and implicit phenomena at the early stage of occurrence,rather than just the time of one thing.It can be accurately judged.Therefore,operators of biomass steam generators should gradually learn and be familiar with indirect analysis method while mastering direct analysis method.For example,when the flue gas temperature of the boiler is low,the fault cannot be directly determined,but the defect of the heating surface can be reflected by indirect analysis.Comprehensive analysis is an organic combination of direct analysis and indirect analysis.For the failure of fading feature,special attention should be paid to comprehensive judgment.

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