Use of biomass steam generator?

Release time:2023-03-14

Nowadays,many people do not know some basic information about biomass steam generator,so as a manufacturer,it is necessary for us to briefly explain.In fact,this biomass steam generator is widely used in the industrial field.It has unique structure,high external pressure resistance and strong impact resistance.So it is necessary for us to understand its use method when we need it.In this way,there will be no problems in the use process.

Biomass steam generators are available in 12KW,18KW,24KW,36KW,48KW and 72KW models for users to choose.The steam output range is from 20kg to 100kg.All accessories are produced by large manufacturers.Biomass steam generator is easy to use and plays an important role in bridge maintenance,road maintenance,concrete maintenance,etc.Noisy operation,safe,energy-saving and environmental protection.The electric steam generator can be used without inspection,saving a lot of time for customers.The biggest advantage of this product is that it can rapidly achieve the effect of high temperature heat release under low pressure environment and save energy consumption.The water volume of this series of products is less than 301,which belongs to the scope of boilers exempted by the state,that is,boilers are not required.The built-in steam-water separator in the furnace solves the problem of steam carrying water and ensures steam quality.

The biomass steam generator adopts the advanced element electric heating pipe,which not only uses the thick wall 316l stainless steel pipe,but also has a service life 30%longer than the commonly used 304 stainless steel pipe,and uses the imported high-temperature oxidation sealing material,which can withstand high temperature up to 900℃.Better ensure the service life of electric heating pipe.In addition,the electric heating pipe is connected with the furnace body and flange for easy replacement,repair and maintenance.All pipes and instruments of biomass steam generator are connected with stainless steel pipes or copper pipes.Electric appliances are household appliances and Chint Electric Appliances,which are safe and reliable.Equipped with luxury multiple chain safety protection function.The product is equipped with a safety valve verified by the boiler inspection institute Pressure controller and other overpressure protection to prevent explosion accidents caused by excessive pressure of the boiler;At the same time,it has low limit water level protection,and the boiler automatically stops working when the water is stopped to prevent the damage of electric heating elements caused by dry burning of the boiler.Burnout phenomenon.The leakage protector ensures the safety of operators and equipment.

At present,the widespread application of biomass steam generator in daily life and its better and better production technology also make us believe that more and more manufacturers will join in,so we should look more and compare more.Over the years,the company has been committed to the expansion and development of domestic and foreign markets,and has adopted the online Internet e-commerce platform and offline physical sales.At present,our products are also spread all over the provinces,cities and autonomous regions of the country.Our products are not only popular in the domestic market,but also have contact information on the official website.There are also online customer service personnel to receive you.If you don't understand the questions,just ask them.

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