Advantages and disadvantages of energy-saving and environment-friendly biomass steam generator!

Release time:2023-03-14

Biomass particles are renewable green power,mainly by-products of agricultural production such as crop straw,sawdust and bark.Due to the high environmental protection of biomass energy,the price of biomass steam generator is cheaper than other boilers such as fuel oil,gas and electric heating,which plays an important role in boiler environmental protection and environmental protection.Next,what are the advantages and disadvantages of biomass steam generator?

Advantages of biomass steam generator:

1.Biomass steam generator uses biomass particles as fuel.Biomass particles,also known as artificial coal,are granular fuels made by crushing,mixing,extruding and drying all waste crops such as biomass straw and forestry.Because of its waste utilization,it has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection.

2.Safe operation and automatic control.In the early stage,only water and electricity are needed,without professional operation.It can automatically feed and replenish water,convenient and fast.

3.The excellent and unique design of biomass steam generator,forced air supply,almost no smoke and dust generated during fuel combustion,equipped with special dust removal equipment,can fully meet the national environmental protection requirements;

4.Biomass steam generator can generate steam quickly,and it will generate steam after heating for about 5 minutes,because its water capacity is less than 30L.The traditional steam boiler needs to heat for 30-45 minutes to boil the water to generate steam,so the steam generator is much more energy-saving than the traditional steam boiler,and it is almost ready-to-use and very convenient.

5.Since the water production capacity of the steam generator is not more than 30L,which is not within the supervision scope of the relevant national departments,it can be installed and used by itself,saving some costs;

6.Biomass steam generator is small in size,light in weight,small in installation area,with wheels and can move freely.

7.Large-diameter corrugated furnace liner:the boiler combustion chamber is composed of large-diameter full-corrugated furnace liner,with large combustion space,complete fuel combustion,effective heat absorption and thermal expansion,and large radiation heating surface.

8.The heating area is designed and equipped with more than 25 square meters per ton,fully absorbing effective heat,low exhaust temperature,low heat loss,ensuring sufficient output and high power.

Disadvantages of biomass steam generator:

1.Biomass particles should not be affected by moisture,which will affect combustion and tend to coking.The storage management of biomass should be strengthened;

2.High requirements for water quality,water treatment must be carried out,otherwise the melt will be blocked due to scaling.However,after water treatment,the service life of the generator can be further extended.

3.The initial investment cost is relatively high.Generally,a separate storage area is required and occupies a larger area than a boiler using oil or natural gas as fuel.

Each steam generator has its advantages and disadvantages.In general,biomass steam generator is a relatively environmentally friendly boiler,and its share in the current boiler market is also relatively high.

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