What are the advantages of biomass steam generator?

Release time:2023-03-14

As one of the main equipment for burning biomass fuel,biomass steam generator directly burns solid biomass pellet fuel,and is mainly used for hot water,bathing and heating in homes,hotels,hotels,and other places.Because the fuel is a biomass fuel with a reasonable structure,it basically achieves the effect of smokeless complete combustion,and the emission meets the environmental protection requirements,with good economic,social and environmental benefits.

The biomass combustion characteristics of biomass fuel formed under high pressure,its density is much higher than the original biomass,and the combustion is relatively stable.Although the ignition temperature increases and the ignition performance decreases,the ignition performance is better than that of coal.Because it is a bulk fuel formed under high pressure,its structure and microstructure characteristics determine that its volatile emission rate and heat transfer rate are greatly reduced,but it is easier than coal.Therefore,the volatile fuel characteristic index of biomass fuel is greater than that of coal,and the combustion characteristic index is greater than that of coal.The combustion speed is moderate,and the heat released by volatiles can be transferred to the heating surface in time to reduce the heat loss of exhaust gas;At the same time,the oxygen required for volatile combustion is completely matched with the oxygen diffused from the outside,the combustion wave is small,and the solids are reduced.With the loss of heat.

1.Economical and energy-saving:the new generation of biomass pellet fuel can save 30%-60%of the operating cost compared with oil,gas and electric heating boilers.

2.Convenient installation of biomass steam generator:the generator does not need to be inspected,and the cumbersome annual review procedures can be avoided.At the same time,the machine is assembled for modules,and professional installation procedures are not required.

3.High-efficiency operation:adopt flue gas multi-reflux design,optimize oxygen enrichment for many times,and cooperate with professional dedusting and energy-saving equipment to achieve thermal efficiency of more than 90%and sustainable steam generation.

4.Low-carbon environmental protection:through reasonable design,semi-gasification,complete combustion,smoke-free.The emission index is lower than the requirements of the standard value in the stage of the Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for Boilers(GB13271-2001),in which the emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are almost zero,lower than the emissions of fuel(gas fired boiler).

5.Safe and reliable:with pressure,water shortage,safety valve and other protection devices.Ensure the stable operation,reliability and safety of the boiler.

6.Simple operation:Biomass steam generator adopts microcomputer intelligent one-button operation,automatic feeding and automatic ignition,cycle start and stop and fault alarm functions,which is easy to operate.The labor intensity is greatly reduced,and the boiler is more humanized.

7.Convenient maintenance:the overall structure is reasonable and the installation is convenient.There is a cleaning port under each furnace.The main parts are provided with inspection ports for future maintenance and repair.

8.Biomass steam generator:horizontal internal combustion three-way full wet back design,corrugated furnace liner,with good thermal scalability,water-cooled combustion chamber,combustion chamber and rear tube plate edge butt joint,low stress,more reliable quality.

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