Understand the advantages of biomass steam generator in one minute

Release time:2023-03-14

Steam generators provide heating and other conveniences for our lives,ranging from industrial boilers and commercial boilers to small gas water heaters in our lives.At present,people basically know that the popularity of biomass steam generators is very high.The reason why it is so popular is that its combustion effect is very different from that of some combustibles in the past.




The biomass steam generator uses agricultural and forestry waste particles such as straw as fuel and adopts semi-gasification combustion mode to avoid slagging of straw particles in the direct combustion process.By controlling air distribution,feeding,gasification and combustion,the clean combustion of the integrated machine is realized.The particle burner directly outputs high-temperature flame and flue gas.It mainly uses biomass particles as fuel.Biomass particles,known as artificial coal,are granular fuels made from waste crops such as straw,straw,firewood,sawdust,peanut shell,melon seed shell,beet residue,bark,etc.After crushing,mixing,pressing,drying and other processes.Its operating cost is only a little more expensive than that of burning coal,and it should be selected according to its specific situation.

Another characteristic of biomass is that many pollutants are not easy to appear when burning like coal.At the same time,petrochemical energy used in the past is non-renewable and should be a green renewable energy.The advantages of biomass steam generator are:

1.Combustion and high thermal efficiency production

In the semi-gasification combustion structure,the furnace air distribution is negative pressure combustion,the air distribution ratio is reasonable,and the thermal efficiency is high.

2.External water dedusting waste heat recovery

The waste heat recovery of the water supplied by the biomass generator unit is equipped with an external water dust collector and waste heat recovery,which can not only remove dust,but also absorb the heat of waste gas.The water temperature in the furnace increases,which changes the power generation speed.

3.The whole machine leaves the factory to save costs.

The machine is modular and the water pump has been configured.The power supply,steam outlet pipe,water inlet pipe and sewage pipe need to be connected,which saves installation costs and a lot of installation materials.

4.Small size

The whole biomass steam generator is modular and compact.Biomass steam generator can save fuel,automatically feed and discharge slag,adjust the frequency of blower and induced draft fan,the boiler can operate fully automatically,the fuel quantity can be automatically adjusted according to the load change,and the steam output is stable.

In the past,a chemical substance,such as phosphorus,will appear in the combustion process of some combustibles,which has a great impact on the damage of steam boilers.However,the biomass steam generator is not easy to produce phosphorus in the combustion process,and long-term use will save a lot of costs.There are no phosphorus and sulfur components in the combustion process,so it is not easy to produce some components harmful to the atmosphere in the combustion process,which is also very good for ecological protection.In addition,the biomass steam generator has low manufacturing cost and is clean and sanitary.So it will be welcomed by people.

keyword: Understand the advantages of biomass steam generator in one minute

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