Characteristics of biomass steam generator

Release time:2023-03-14

Biomass particles belong to the green power that can regenerate,and most of them are agricultural by-products such as straw,wood residue and tree roots.Because it comes from biomass energy and has high environmental protection performance,the price of biomass particle steam generator is higher than that of other boilers such as gasoline,diesel,natural gas and electric heating.It has played an important role in boiler environmental protection industry and ecological environmental protection.Next,what are the advantages and disadvantages of green and environment-friendly biomass steam generators?

Advantages of biomass steam generator:

1.Biomass steam generator uses biomass particles as fuel.Biomass particles,also known as human coal,are made of biomass straw,forest and fruit industry and other waste food crops through crushing,mixing,extrusion,molding,drying and other processes.Because it turns waste into treasure and has the characteristics of green environmental protection.

2.Operation safety,automatic control system.It only needs to connect water and electricity at an early stage,without the actual operation of professional technicians,and can automatically feed,replenish water and moisturize,saving time and effort

3.The biomass steam generator is of high quality and distinctive design,with mandatory exhaust and basically dust-free fuel combustion.In addition,it is equipped with special dust collector equipment,which can completely meet the environmental protection requirements of China's standards;

4.Biomass steam generator can produce steam quickly.It can produce steam within 5 minutes after heating,and its water capacity should not exceed 30L.However,traditional steam boiler has a large water capacity,and it needs to be heated for 30-45min to boil the water before it can produce steam.Therefore,compared with traditional steam boiler,steam generator is much more environmentally friendly and energy-saving,and steam generator can basically be used immediately,which is very convenient;




5.Because the water capacity of the steam generator should not exceed 30L,it is not within the supervision scope of the relevant national units,and can be assembled and applied by itself,thus eliminating some costs;

6.Biomass particle steam generator is small in size,light in weight,small in assembly area,with wheels and can be moved freely.

Defects of biomass steam generator:

1.Biomass particles should not be allowed to regain moisture,which will affect the ignition and easily slagging.Therefore,high attention should be paid to the storage and management of biomass;

2.Biomass pellet boiler has a high requirement for water body,so it must be suitable for sewage treatment,otherwise it is easy to block due to fouling,but after applying sewage treatment,it can further increase the service life of the generator.

3.The original investment cost of biomass steam generator is also high.Generally,biomass steam generator must have an independent storage area and a relatively large floor area compared with steam,diesel or natural gas boilers

Each kind of steam generator has its advantages and disadvantages.In general,biomass steam generator is a relatively green boiler and has a very high market share in the current boiler market.

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