Can biomass steam generator be used for ecological environment protection?

Release time:2023-03-14

Many customers have objections before selecting biomass steam generators:can biomass steam generators be used for ecological protection?Biomass steam generator is a small and medium-sized biomass steam boiler.It uses biomass wood particles as fuel,generates heat according to semi-vaporization ignition,and heats up the water in the biomass steam generator to generate steam continuously with structural parameters..Biomass steam generators have relatively low operating costs,which should not exceed the standardized consumption,without boiler inspection and relatively high automation technology.It is a good choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption.

1.There is no need to apply for inspection:the design scheme water flow>30l does not need to be inspected this year,which eliminates the cumbersome and complicated review and application for registration procedures;

2.Low cost:its operating cost is one sixth of that of electric boiler and one third of that of steam and diesel boiler.




3.Environmental protection grade:semi-vaporization combustion mode,high thermal efficiency,in line with the provisions of standard environmental protection standards;

4.Reliable:equipped with high quality pressure relay and valve,with many maintenance functions such as overpressure,low water level,overheat protection,to ensure the safe operation of the boiler;

5.Convenient assembly:the modular design equipment has been equipped with water supply pump and relay before leaving the factory.The water inlet and sewage pipe can be connected only by connecting the switch power supply;

6.Energy conservation and consumption reduction:the standard equipment of two-stage smoke and dust household appliances and sand bath dust collectors,flexible use of waste heat recovery,reduce smoke and dust emissions.

7.Convenient to use:one-button actual operation,only need to install water and electricity in time,press and hold the key switch,and the boiler is entering the full-automatic control situation;

8.Automatic intelligence:equipped with a fully intelligent automatic transportation automatic control system,fully automatic feeding,automatic ignition,automatic water replenishment,fully automatic shutdown and audible and visual alarm in case of abnormal operation,indicating fault codes,and convenient maintenance;

9.Daily maintenance reassurance:the equipment failure rate is very low,and only a little smoke remains after full combustion,which is easy to solve.

It is widely used in institutions and institutions such as colleges,textiles,clothing,printing and dyeing plants,restaurants,food,beverages,legumes,meat,canned food,breweries,pharmaceutical industry,packaging,decorative building materials,chemical plants,swimming pools,etc.

When the biomass steam generator pellet fuel is burned,the biomass particles are slowly carbonized.Sometimes the fuel is not completely burned,it will produce hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide flue gas formed by mixing water vapor,carbon monoxide,carbon dioxide,etc.These flue gases are directly discharged into the atmosphere through the steam generator flue and chimney without treatment,and we will see the steam generator emit black smoke.

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