What is the cost of biomass steam generator

Release time:2023-03-14

Biomass steam generator is a major category of industrial steam generator. Due to the use of renewable energy biomass fuel, it has a certain application. Many users are confused about the cost of biomass steam generator before purchasing biomass pellet steam generator. So let's know what the cost of biomass steam generator is!




1.Biomass steam generator body

The cost of biomass steam generator body will vary greatly depending on the brand and technology content.Therefore,before purchasing,it is necessary to carefully identify the steam generator brand and select products that are in line with your actual operation.

2.Auxiliary accessories

Generator accessories include steam generator water processor,feedwater pump,deaerator,induced draft fan,etc.In order to meet the emission standard,the biomass steam generator also needs to be equipped with a complete flue gas treatment system.Pay attention to the selection of auxiliary equipment during the purchase process.


Freight cost accounts for a small proportion of the cost,which is mainly determined by the distance between the manufacturer and the project and the real-time logistics pricing.In addition to choosing the manufacturer's own logistics,you can also contact familiar logistics companies to choose a safer and more economical mode of transportation.

4.Installation cost

Adopt the complete machine quick-installation structure to save the installation cost and cycle,and the cost of biomass steam generator is relatively low.The biomass steam generator produced by our company adopts the fast installation technology,which covers a small area and has low requirements for the use site.

Basic requirements for biomass steam generator products:

1.The fuel must meet the design and use requirements of the combustion equipment itself,and the composition,calorific value and impurities of the fuel must meet the design requirements of the combustion equipment and steam generator products.

2.The steam generator must be well maintained to prevent corrosion after long-term shutdown;Before putting into operation again,detailed inspection shall be carried out,especially the inspection of auxiliary equipment,to prevent accidents such as burning the motor after power-on;The steam generator in use must carry out regular and irregular inspection and maintenance on valves,instruments,auxiliary equipment,flue gas system,fuel system,etc.to ensure that all qualified parts of the equipment are normal.

3.If users do not need our company to provide steam generator auxiliary equipment,water supply equipment and other supporting equipment,they must ensure that the equipment provided by users meets our company's product design requirements.The company is not responsible for any quality problems of products;If users need to provide other equipment by themselves,they must purchase supporting equipment according to the requirements provided by our company,and the purchased products must be confirmed by our company.

In addition to procurement costs,biomass steam generators will also generate operating costs during use.Operating costs mainly include fuel costs,water and electricity costs,labor costs,and post-maintenance costs.The operating costs in the later stage will vary with the size,frequency of use and the enterprise's scenario.So if you want to buy biomass steam generators,you can analyze them according to your own use to ensure that you choose the right products.

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