Why should the biomass steam generator be cleaned regularly

Release time:2023-03-14

The operation of biomass steam generator cannot be separated from water. Due to the deterioration of water quality in China, scaling is inevitable in the long-term operation of steam generator. Once scale is formed, it will lead to poor heat transfer of biomass steam generator. Thermal efficiency will be reduced; Scales may also cause furnace tube swelling and explosion; Poor heat transfer will increase the operating cost and reduce the service life of the steam generator. Therefore, soft water equipment will be equipped when installing biomass steam generator. Now let's understand why biomass steam generator should be cleaned regularly!


Scale has great harm to biomass steam generator,mainly in the following aspects:

1.Fuel waste

Once scaling occurs,the thermal conductivity of the biomass steam generator will deteriorate.In order to ensure the output of the boiler,it is necessary to increase the temperature of the fire side,so that external radiation and smoke exhaust will cause heat loss.

2.Steel pipe is easy to deform and burn

Since the biomass steam generator needs to maintain a certain working pressure and evaporation after scaling,the way to increase the fire side temperature is to increase the fire side temperature,but the thicker the scale,the lower the thermal conductivity,and the higher the fire side temperature.The metal will creep and deform due to overheating.Therefore,the scaling of steam generator can easily lead to the burning of metal.

3.Reduce the service life of biomass steam generator

As the scale contains halogen ions,it has corrosive effect on iron at high temperature,which makes the metal inner wall brittle and continues to develop deep into the metal wall,causing metal corrosion and shortening the service life of steam generator

4.Increase maintenance costs and waste money

To remove scale,chemicals such as acids and alkalis must be used.The thicker the scale,the more chemicals consumed and the more money invested.Whether it is chemical descaling or purchasing materials for repair,it requires a lot of manpower,material and financial resources.

In addition to using soft water equipment,regular descaling is also required.There are roughly two methods of descaling:

1.Chemical cleaning:add chemical cleaning agent to clean the floating rust,scale and oil in the dispersion system and restore the cleanness of the metal surface;

2.Daily maintenance:add steam generator scale inhibitor to avoid metal rust and prevent calcium and magnesium ions from crystallization.

The cleaning of biomass steam generator is divided into two parts.The first part is the cleaning of scale and rust on the convection tube,superheater tube,air heater,water-cooled wall tube of steam generator,that is,the water quality of steam generator is treated,and the high-pressure water jet cleaning technology can also be used to clean the steam generator,which can achieve good results.

High-pressure water jet cleaning technology takes water as the medium,and water will produce high-pressure water jets with multiple beams,multiple angles and different strengths through special equipment system.Thoroughly cut,smash,squeeze and clean the scale,blockage or surface attachment inside the cleaning object to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning.No matter what kind of scale deposits,such as rust,scale,resin,chemical residue,paint or epoxy resin,can be completely removed by high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment to reveal the true color of metal.It does not need chemicals,flux or corrosive agent,and is safe and environmentally friendly.Because scaling of biomass steam generator is very dangerous,it is necessary to remove scaling regularly to ensure the normal operation of steam generator.

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