Use of biomass steam generator in general breweries

Release time:2023-03-14

Generally,the use of biomass steam generator in breweries is usually used for rice steaming and heated wine tank.How much steam should be produced by biomass steam generator?It also depends on the equipment size of rice steaming and heated wine tank and the steam volume required by the market.In this case,a 300KG biomass steam generator can meet the steam requirements for the brewery.

The steam generator equipment has compact structure,small size,no noise,simple assembly and low equipment failure rate.A little powdery ash residue after combustion is very easy to solve;The whole equipment is leaving the factory.The water supplement and moisture system software,combustion system,feeding system software,ignition device,and air distribution system are all integrated,with one-button actual operation and full-automatic control;The installation is simple and easy to use.Customers need to connect the power supply and water resources,and press and hold the start button to enter the fully automatic control situation,without complicated assembly level.

The steam generator adopts the return fire tube ignition technology,fully intelligent automatic control system,with automatic intelligent operation,without full-time personnel to take care of it.It has the characteristics of free customs declaration and inspection,easy use and maintenance,fast steam production and high steam purity,and it is convenient,reliable and cost-effective to settle the energy,guarantee,secure the right of goods!Compared with natural gas,gasoline and diesel oil and electric heating boiler,the operating cost can be reduced by 40-80%.

The brewery has developed the design scheme of semi-vaporized composite ignition and broken line swirl air distribution for the biomass steam generator boiler and steam boiler equipment for liquor production,which produces a fire tornado ignition,sufficient fuel combustion and combustion efficiency of more than 95%.The column-type three-return structure is selected,which not only improves the compressive strength of the endothermic reaction of the biomass steam generator,but also meets the requirements of the heat transfer surface for thermal deformation.It is scientific,standard,and durable.Micro-negative pressure operation,without quenching and de-firing.The exhaust duct is inserted with a deflector,which is calibrated to ease the speed of the smoke exhaust system and improve the heat exchange;Glass fiber yarn and cotton are used for double-layer thermal insulation,with small heat loss.

The brewery's biomass steam generator boiler and steam boiler equipment use*automatic biomass steam generator air controller,Chinese LCD screen,intelligent human-computer interaction,and the customer needs simple settings.The biomass steam generator can operate automatically according to the customer's requirements,such as startup and shutdown,load adjustment,and fully automatic water supply and drainage.The equipment has perfect function,complete maintenance,convenient use,stable security,and self-evaluation.When the biomass steam generator operates,it will automatically stop and ignite in case of abnormal conditions,and send out the light control alarm.

The brewery's 300KG biomass pellet steam generator and steam boiler equipment are interlocked and joined in the safety maintenance and defense system,the electronic device pressure reading maintenance(automatic shutdown and alarm when the working pressure is higher than the set pressure),the pedal type safety valve pressure maintenance(the boiler's working pressure is too high,automatic gas purging and pressure reduction),the water shortage maintenance(the boiler's water level line is lower than the flood peak flow,automatic power off and alarm),the dirt detection and maintenance Leakage protector,high temperature protection and logic error maintenance of water level line.The furnace body is made of thickened boiler steel.Each furnace body is subject to non-destructive flaw detection based on X-ray to ensure that the furnace body is free of processing defects.

keyword: Use of biomass steam generator in general breweries

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