Biomass steam generator is a relatively traditional boiler

Release time:2023-03-14

Biomass steam generator is a green and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional boiler,and its use and market share are also very high in the current boiler sales market.It is a green power that can regenerate and has a common origin.It is mostly a by-product of agriculture such as straw,wood residue,tree roots,etc.Because it comes from biomass energy,its environmental protection performance is also very high.The price of its equipment is higher than that of other boilers,such as gasoline,diesel,natural gas,electric heating,and so on.It has played an important role in the boiler environmental protection industry.

Characteristics of biomass steam generator

1.The inspection exemption mark indicates that the appearance design of the product has a small water capacity.According to the assembly standard of the Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulation,there is no need to download the notice,no need to apply for the boiler use certificate,no need to apply for the annual examination of the boiler,no need to work for the staff,and no need to carry out the assembly inspection.It is convenient to use and use.

2.The time of rapid inflation and steaming is short,and the duration of inflation is only 5min,and 10min can reach the rated pressure of 1.0.The application of steam is quick and convenient,and the gas production is sufficient.

3.Various maintenance electronic devices overvoltage protection,pedal valve overvoltage protection,water shortage maintenance,leakage protector,high temperature protection,etc.

4.It is not easy to form dirt.It is made of superconductors.It is not easy to form dirt.The service life of the equipment is reasonably increased by immediate sewage treatment.

5.Low smoke exhaust system,high thermal efficiency and integrated(environmental protection and energy conservation+cold combustion)cold combustion converter-N times of waste heat recovery and utilization water storage tank are equipped for the exhaust at the tail end of smoke and dust,which further reduces the heat loss.The multi-return cycle system of smoke and dust can increase the total area of the boiler with heat by 30%,and enhance the thermal efficiency of the boiler.It has the technical characteristics of secondary exhaust semi-vaporization suspension combustion,with the burning rate of particles up to 99%,and the exhaust temperature can be reasonably recycled through cold combustion conversion to more than 100 degrees,The calorific value reaches above 90%.

6.Examples of environmental protection and energy conservation:compared with 1000KG natural gas steam generator,the consumption of biomass is 170kg/hX0.92 yuan/kg=156.4 yuan and the consumption of natural gas is 71m under the premise of overload operation³/HX4.3=305.3 yuan.One hour can save 148.9 yuan in natural material costs.

7.Biomass power energy for environmental protection should take green plants and agricultural and forestry wastes as the main raw materials,and have the title of"emerald green coal".The emission index values of Zhejiang Ju nuclear boiler are lower than the"Emission Standard of Boiler Air Pollution",in which sulfur dioxide and ammonia metal oxides are nearly zero.

8.Intelligent feeding,water supplement and moisturizing,and one-button practical operation can save costs.There is no need for full-time firemen to save staff expenses.

9.Apply natural biomass particles,coal and firewood(including leftover materials)

This product is made of superconductors for boiler production.The thermal conductivity is 8-10 times that of ordinary materials.Moreover,it is not easy to form dirt,which enhances the service life of the boiler.It is a milestone for China's environmental boiler work.

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